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Making The Hospital A Reality: Meet Alice Prussin

March 27, 2015

By Darya Minovi Alice Prussin is the Founder of Illuminosa Design. She serves as a member of the Health In Harmony Board and has been…




March 16, 2015

ASRI Kids has been such a successful program since it began in 2012. It has continued to expand and is becoming a model for other…


We Are Not Superheroes


February 9, 2015

By Dr. Yuliana Jeng A couple weeks ago, when I was doing my daily routine work as a doctor in the clinic, I met him.…


Resilience and Re-growth: Or how the reforestation site turned into a place for hosting dangdut dance parties


January 28, 2015

One year after the fire at Laman Satong: An update from Erica Pohnan, ASRI’s Conservation Director It’s been over a year since a wildfire devastated…


Moving The Dream Forward

Photo: Loren Bell

By Michelle D Bussard, Health In Harmony Executive Director Awakening to the timbre of roosters crowing up the dawn that blushes over the steamy landscape, my…


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ASRI Building Site with Pledge-300

Capital Campaign for the Community Hospital and Training Center

As a villager in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, what would you do if your child became severely ill and the nearest hospital was 2-12 hours away over rutted roads and impassable rivers? How would you feel if you arrived at the hospital to learn that the cost of treatment is so high you would need to illegally cut and sell trees in the nearby national park, destroying your local habitat, just to be able to afford it? Limited access to high-cost and low-quality health care is a daily reality for families living around the Gunung Palung National Park; a reality that forces impossible choices between short-term survival and long-term wellbeing.

We have a solution: The ASRI Community Hospital and Training Center, which we are currently fundraising to build.

**A generous anonymous donor has pledged $250,000 to build ASRI’s Community Hospital and Training Center. With their pledge and your help, we are only $275,000 away as of March 2015.

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Clinic doctor checking child with mother

What We Do &
Why It Works

Human and environmental health are inextricably linked: healthy people create a healthy planet. When families must choose between saving a child or saving a rain forest, we all suffer. Health In Harmony invests in ASRI, our partner organization, which provides sustainable, long-term solutions that help communities protect the natural resources that keep our planet healthy.

Our approach makes it possible for families to pay for high-quality health care through conservation-oriented non-cash means, yielding improved health indicators. Combined with sustainable livelihood trainings and community partnerships, this program saw a 68% decrease in logging in just 5 years. We are saving lives and saving rain forests.

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Healthy forests Healthy people Healthy people Healthy forests Bringing them together, we help create a healthier planet. Join us

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