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Orangutans are using Sedahan!

Brdige Before and After

September 8, 2014

By Erica Pohnan I always say that ASRI’s two reforestation sites are like two children: Laman Satong, our older reforestation site that had the fire…


If ASRI made a road, we would follow that road

Sahut Sah Madi works with his neighbors to keep clean water flowing from the forest

August 22, 2014

By Trina Jones More than three years ago, the Gunung Palung community came to ASRI with a radical idea.


Sometimes all you need is a pair of ducks

Will you help Ibu Hamisah continue the DOTs program?

August 5, 2014

By Dr. Kinari Webb Sometimes you start things but you have no idea where they will go.


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hospital model

Capital Campaign for the Community Hospital and Training Center

It’s hard to plan for medical emergencies, especially in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, where many villages are 2-12 hours away from surgical facilities over roads or impassable rivers. So when emergencies happen, villagers must choose between healthcare and food, or turn to the dangerous work of illegal logging to pay their bills, denuding critical rainforests and habitat and provoking catastrophic flooding of their agricultural land.

We have a solution: the ASRI Community Health Center, which we’re currently fundraising $1.7 million to build.

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Clinic doctor checking child with mother

What We Do &
Why it Works

Human and environmental health are inextricably linked: healthy people create a healthy planet. When families must choose between saving a child or saving a rainforest, we all suffer. Health In Harmony provides a sustainable, long-term solution that helps individuals and communities to protect the natural resources that keep the planet healthy.

Healthcare is a powerful tool that enables individuals and communities to be healthy and to use their natural resources in more sustainable ways. Our approach makes it possible for families to pay for high-quality healthcare through conservation-oriented non-cash means; this approach is improving human health, reducing environmental destruction, and creating relationships that support long-term change. It is an exchange that benefits the whole planet.

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Healthy forests Healthy people Healthy people Healthy forests Bringing them together, we help create a healthier planet. Join us