Volunteers and Professional Development

Health In Harmony’s professional development program is a two-way learning opportunity for professionals from all over the world working in the areas of medicine, conservation, and other fields to come to ASRI for a long-term volunteer experience.

Medical education is inconsistent in Indonesia, and Indonesian medical students often graduate with little hands-on practice. Health In Harmony recruits skilled volunteers who focus is on mentoring, training and supporting the ASRI staff, instead of providing direct service. At the same time, volunteers are gaining a valuable learning experience; for many volunteers, their time at ASRI is an intensive, hands-on training in low-resource medicine, tropical diseases, hands-on conservation work, environmental health, and cross-cultural collaboration.

Health In Harmony also promotes professional development for Indonesian staff by supporting ongoing education (such as medical residencies), arranging further medical training at Yale and Stanford Universities, and providing leadership and management training courses for ASRI staff. Combined, these professional development initiatives ensure world-class medical care, cutting-edge conservation methods, and the management capacity necessary to lead an ever-expanding and innovative program.

Our professional development program would not be possible without support from the following institutions:


The Yale/Stanford Johnson & Johnson Global Health Scholars Program annually selects up to 40 Internal Medicine physicians during their residencies and career physicians for six-week funded rotations at one of their six mentored sites outside the US. Health In Harmony’s project partner ASRI is one of these sites. The Program also supports the continued medical education of ASRI’s Indonesian physicians with an annual four month observership at Yale and at Stanford.


Students focusing on a Global Health track are offered the opportunity to experience medicine first-hand in the developing world. Health In Harmony’s ASRI program is one of a handful of site locations where these opportunities take place.

univ of rochester

Residents who are a part of University of Rochester’s Emergency Medicine Residency Program mentor ASRI physicians on best practices in emergency care while learning approaches to working with patients in a resource-limited, community clinic environment.


Health Volunteers Overseas recruits physicians from a wide range of specialties for global health programs – including Health In Harmony’s program partner ASRI.  HVO volunteers are highly-qualified health care professionals who build local capacity by providing health care professionals in resource-scarce countries with the knowledge, skills and ability they need to best care for their patients and communities.

*Photo credit: Michelle Bussard