Goats for Widows

Goats are a key element for a successful Sustainable Farming program, as their manure helps improve the quality of the soil, maintaining its quality to end the environmentally damaging practice of slash-and-burn agriculture.

The Goats for Widows program provides goats to help improve the livelihoods of the area’s most disadvantaged households – specifically widows who are often raising families alone and have limited means of a steady income. The benefits are twofold: widows have a supplementary income to provide for their families while supporting the Sustainable Farming program with goat manure.

ASRI distributes 1-2 goats to program participants, who in return pay back two baby goats, which are then distributed to other households in need. Participants must also pay ASRI with a few bags of manure for farmers. Goats are a gift that keeps on giving! Widows are free to sell future offspring and manure.

At this point, the Goats for Widows program is self-sustaining as participants are returning enough goats to add more women to the program.

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*Photo credit: Chelsea Call