Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI)

Health In Harmony’s pilot project and global partner, Alam Sehat Lestari, is an Indonesian non-profit co-founded by Dr. Kinari Webb, Dr. Hotlin Ompusunggu, and Dr. Antonia Gorog. The Indonesian name of the organization means “healthy nature everlasting,” and the acronym, ASRI, means, “harmoniously balanced.”

ASRI found its beginnings in West Kalimantan, Indonesia (on the island of Borneo), where poor health and grinding poverty push villagers to engage in illegal logging in Gunung Palung National Park, home to 10% of the world’s remaining Bornean orangutans, in order to survive. When families must log tropical forests to pay for basic needs such as health care, the impacts are manifold: habitat for rare and endangered species like orangutans is destroyed; fields are flooded and crops destroyed; increased standing water increases the incidence of diseases like malaria and dengue fever; and the degradation of air quality and increased carbon impacts all of us, across the planet.

ASRI practices radical listening to provide innovative solutions that are win-win for people and the environment, so that no one has to choose between their long-term and short-term well-being.  ASRI’s current projects are focused on health care and conservation.

*Photo credit: Michelle Bussard, Chelsea Call, Bryan Watt, Nicholas Salazar