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As with the work of a country doctor anywhere, the rewards range from satisfying to breathtaking... When we emerged from the house at 4 a.m., toting our equipment, we looked up at the night sky. There was the Milky Way, bright and magnificent. “Welcome to being a doc in Borneo,” Webb said, and we embraced.

—Jenny Blair, M.D.


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  • Chainsaws and Stethoscopes,” Dr. Kinari Webb’s TED talk about ASRI and the Health In Harmony model, presented at TEDxJakarta.

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  • Founder Receives Tikkun Olam (Healing of the World) Award from the Bethany United Church of Christ Church in Randolph, Vermont.

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  • Video of the mosquito net distribution and its links to our conservation and reforestation work.

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  • Video clip on eyeglasses distribution. [QuickTime Video].
  • Science Update Radio Podcast about Health In Harmony.
  • Author of “Where There Is No Doctor”, David Werner writes about his impressions of our program. [pdf].
  • The Nation magazine recommends for another year giving to Health In Harmony. [Link]

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  • Insightful and inspiring one-page article about Gunung Palung by Andrea Johnson published in Orion Magazine. [pdf]
  • The Nation magazine recommends giving to Health In Harmony. [Link]