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What inspired you to give to the Community Hospital and Training Center?

Oct 13th, 2014

Meet some of our most dedicated donors.   “It’s actually a very simple answer.  I was introduced to Kinari, and I was overwhelmed with focus, sincerity, dedication, and commitment. My first contribution was to help her hire two doctors and give legal advice. From that point forward, we became colleagues and friends. I was on…


A Driving Force: An Interview with Richard Ramer

Oct 13th, 2014

By Darya Minovi Richard Ramer found his way to Health In Harmony three years ago when his brother, Andrew Ramer, introduced him to Dr. Kinari Webb. Richard is the head of RAMER Architecture, Inc., an award-winning firm based out of Santa Monica, CA known for sustainable design and LEED certified projects. “When I met Kinari,…


Let’s take the “neglected” out of these tropical diseases

Oct 13th, 2014
A young girl is treated in the ASRI clinic. Photo: Kinari Webb

By Darya Minovi “A young girl came in once to the ASRI clinic—she had the worst case of scabies I had ever seen. We diagnosed her in about 5 minutes and treated her and her entire family for $2, because they came from a “green” village. A Yale medical volunteer who happened to be doing…


Orangutans are using Sedahan!

Sep 8th, 2014
Brdige Before and After

By Erica Pohnan
I always say that ASRI’s two reforestation sites are like two children: Laman Satong, our older reforestation site that had the fire last year, is like the difficult child that needs constant love and attention in order to thrive.


If ASRI made a road, we would follow that road

Aug 22nd, 2014
Sahut Sah Madi works with his neighbors to keep clean water flowing from the forest

By Trina Jones
More than three years ago, the Gunung Palung community came to ASRI with a radical idea.


Sometimes all you need is a pair of ducks

Aug 5th, 2014
Will you help Ibu Hamisah continue the DOTs program?

By Dr. Kinari Webb
Sometimes you start things but you have no idea where they will go.


From dentist to director: Welcoming Dr. Monica as ASRI’s new leader

Jul 30th, 2014
Monica and Etty with ASRI's conservation comic

By Kelsey Hartman, Health In Harmony Communications Associate Monica Ruth Nirmala, DDS is part of a proud, if new, tradition in Borneo: dentists saving the rainforest. This month, she follows in the footsteps of internationally celebrated dentist and conservation inspiration Dr. Hotlin Ompusunggu by becoming the Executive Director of Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI). How did…