Do you want to engage in meaningful globally-minded service work? Volunteering at ASRI means investing your time where conservation and community health meet hand-in-hand in Sukadana, Indonesia. Gunung Palung National Park is home to 10% of remaining Bornean orangutans and is surrounded by more than 60,000 community members whose lives depend on the rain forest ecosystem.

Health In Harmony recruits skilled volunteers to work alongside staff at ASRI in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Starting with just two volunteers in 2007, our program has grown exponentially with over 200 volunteers sent to ASRI to date. Our volunteer’s specialties are diverse, ranging from medical practitioners, nurses, dentists, photographers, and engineers to organic farmers, restoration biologists, and animal husbandry specialists. Yet they are all connected by the belief and understanding that human health and environmental health are inextricably linked.


For our most current list of opportunities, please click here to check the Available Volunteer Openings.

You can also learn more by reading our FAQ or contacting the International Partnerships Manager, Amy, at amy [at] healthinharmony.org.


Here are some past projects volunteers have done:

If you’d like to learn about volunteer opportunities in the United States, please also contact amy [at] healthinharmony.org or check out our Opportunities page. If you’d like to donate your time in other ways, please check out our Other Ways to Give.

*Photo credit: Chelsea Call, Kinari Webb, Michelle Bussard