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“Now I realize how important the forest is for water, I keep trying to convince all my friends to give up logging. But the problem is that some of my friends get sick and need an operation.”

Health Care Services

1. ASRI Clinic
2. Mobile Clinic


ASRI Clinic

The ASRI Clinic provides health care services at affordable rates, even offering non-cash payment options such as reforestation supplies, organic manure from sustainable farming, and native handicrafts. These flexible options and extended payment schedules mean that no one is ever denied care. The key piece is a “green credit” system, whereby villages not involved in illegal logging receive discounts on health care costs. Read more about how we work one-on-one with loggers to get every village to green. This system allows people to protect the resources they value, without having to worry about their families’ health and security, and allows people the world over to say thank you to those directly conserving the rainforest and species we all depend on.

Klinik ASRI

Klinik ASRI | Photo: Kinari Webb

Since 2007, the clinic has treated tens of thousands of patients, with the help of the mobile clinic that travels to isolated villages. ASRI provides medical care ranging from dental, vision and general care for health issues seen around the world like diabetes and hypertension to poverty-related and tropical diseases like dengue fever and a Directly Observed Therapy Shortcourse (DOTS) treatment for tuberculosis and leprosy patients. ASRI is at patient capacity every day and sees many cases of trauma or emergency medicine that they currently are unable to treat as they lack the surgical, intensive care and emergency facilities needed. These cases must often be transferred to distant locations over rough roads in our ambulance. You can help change this by investing in our Community Hospital and Training Center. Learn more about what the hospital will provide here.

These patients often come to ASRI first because of the reputation for treating patients with compassion and a high standard of care. The clinic is run by an entirely Indonesian staff, trained by Western medical professionals who volunteer a minimum of six weeks on site and work in a learning exchange environment with our physicians and nurses. Providing high quality care is not only an aim in itself, but a healthier population with fewer and lower medical bills has less incentive to log to pay for treatment.

The clinic was designed to serve as a completely integrated, community-focused resource and in addition to medical services provides weekly education about environmental conservation and hygiene as well as the programs below.

Mobile Clinic

In West Kalimantan, isolated and remote villages struggle to access health care facilities and must often travel several hours through harsh terrain to reach a hospital. ASRI responded by creating a mobile clinic that provides basic care to thousands of people in distant communities through monthly visits. Immunization is a critical part of the program, as some regions have immunization rates as low as 20%.

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With the help of our Directly Observed Therapy Shortcourse (DOTS) community health workers, patients with tuberculosis and leprosy recieve comprehensive care to ensure proper drug administration. Due to the difficulty of treating these diseases, DOTS workers travel to patients’ homes each day to check on patients and administer drugs to ensure adherence to the program. The DOTS program is run by Ibu Hamisah and is currently responsible for almost 100 patients. The program has been very successful, with a 0% dropout rate in 2014.


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