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“It is so important to have the option for surgeries here. When my mother was pregnant last year she had to have a C-section. She had to travel two hours to the hospital and then there were complications. We had to cut down 90 of our Durian trees to pay her hospital bills.”

Capital Campaign for the Community Hospital and Training Center

hospital model


Artist’s rendering of proposed ASRI hospital

Artist’s rendering of proposed ASRI hospital, designed by Georgia Tech College of Architecture

Health problems and particularly expensive surgeries drive poverty, which in turn drives illegal logging in the rain forests we ALL depend on.

The ASRI Community Hospital and Training Center (CHTC) will provide affordable, high quality comprehensive health care in a facility with the capacity to meet the expanding demand, thus eliminating the major driver of the illegal logging that threatens our shared planet.

The CHTC will be run by ASRI, our pilot project with a track record of success in this community providing health care, training people in sustainable farming and reforestation to earn income while protecting the planet, and educating children and adults about conservation and health.

Completing this project will poise Health In Harmony to replicate this success all over the world by becoming a self-sustaining project and providing a training center.

We are so close to our funding goal.

Please join us today and save forests with a stethoscope.


Below is the final drawing of the hospital building. Scroll over the rooms to learn more about them and sponsorship opportunities.

The new ASRI Community Hospital and Training Center will feature:

  • Two operating suites for surgical procedures
  • Facilities within patient rooms for the patient’s family to sleep comfortably
  • Easy access to ASRI’s organic garden and seedling nursery, where family members may choose to work during a patient’s stay to pay for medical bills
  • Isolation rooms for patients with tuberculosis
  • An upstairs eat-and-meet space with a view onto the National Park
  • Open, covered walkways that pass through green gardens between sections of the hospital
  • Construction aimed at maximizing use of natural light
  • Equipment such as vaccine refrigerators and a blood bank

Will you help with a contribution?

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