Health in Harmony - Saving Forests • Saving Lives

“It is so important to have the option for surgeries here. When my mother was pregnant last year she had to have a C-section. She had to travel two hours to the hospital and then there were complications. We had to cut down 90 of our Durian trees to pay her hospital bills.”

Building the New Health Center

Design proposal for Hospital ASRI
300 Artist’s rendering of proposed ASRI hospital, designed by Georgia Tech College of Architecture

300 Louvered windows and openings help to maximize natural light and views to nature.

300 Plan view drawing of a typical patient room in ASRI Hospital, featuring natural light, a family zone, and handrails.

It’s hard to plan for medical emergencies, especially in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, where many villages are 2-12 hours away from surgical facilities over roads or impassable rivers. So when emergencies happen, villagers must choose between healthcare and food, or turn to the dangerous work of illegal logging to pay their bills, denuding critical rainforests and habitat and provoking catastrophic flooding of their agricultural land.

We have a solution: the ASRI Community Health Center, which we’re currently fundraising $1.2 million to build. The original design was put together as a Georgia Tech Architectural School project with additional modifications by Vera Yusnita,  an Indonesian architect on staff, and Roberto Cipriano, an architect who left his high-paying job in NYC to volunteer time towards the completion of the hospital plans. It’s a model of smart, sustainable design and energy efficiency, featuring fifteen beds, two operating rooms, a TB quarantine ward, lab, pharmacy, neonatal nursery and more. And it will allow us to provide more services that function as powerful incentives for villagers to protect Gunung Palung National Park, rather than destroy it for its wood and the small economic gains logging brings to local households.

Help us build it. Contribute today.

Additionally, it will act as a “motherhouse” for Health In Harmony. A place to train doctors in our philosophy; using healthcare as an incentive, we are able to protect natural resources and change the face of global health through community input. The training center will allow physicians from across the globe to open clinics near other natural treasures and help create a healthy planet.

Important features of the new ASRI Community Health Center include:

  • facilities within patient rooms for the patient’s family to sleep comfortably
  • easy access to ASRI’s organic garden and seedling nursery, where family members may choose to work during a patient’s stay to pay their medical bills
  • isolation rooms for patients with Tuberculosis
  • an upstairs eat-and-meet space with a view onto the national park
  • open, covered walkways that pass through green gardens between sections of the health center
  • construction aimed at maximizing use of natural light
  • solar power as a backup energy source for critical electrical needs
  • equipment such as vaccine refrigerators and blood bank, entirely solar-powered

Will you help with a contribution? Make your mark at one of these giving levels:

$50 — Energy-efficient lights

$100 — Tall windows for lots of natural light

$500 — doors with slats for passive air flow

$2500 — Radiology room for digital x-ray image processing and reading  (no use of dangerous chemicals)

$10,000 — Entire outpatient exam room

$20,000 — Library for teaching and capacity building

$25,000 — Delivery room for healthy babies

$50,000 — Emergency room

Already funded thanks to generous donors: operating room, laboratory, conservation-training waiting room, entire water system, and four exam rooms! Make your mark today.