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These households, once marginalized, are now developing a growing local market for organic fertilizer, for sustainable economic development. Goats are a gift that keeps on giving!

Goats for Widows

Photo: Kelsey Hartman

Photo: Kelsey Hartman

Goats are a key element for a successful Sustainable Agriculture program, as their manure helps improve the quality of the soil, maintaining its quality to end the environmentally damaging practice of slash-and-burn agriculture.

The Goats for Widows program provides goats to help improve the livelihoods of the area’s most disadvantaged households – specifically widows who are often raising families alone and have limited means of a steady income. The benefits are twofold: widows have a supplementary income to provide for their families while supporting the sustainable agriculture program with goat manure.

A widow with her goat and its kid

A widow with her goat and its children! | Photo: Lauren Tobias

ASRI distributes 1-2 goats to program participants, who in return pay back two baby goats, which are then distributed to other households in need. Participants must also pay ASRI with a few bags of manure for sustainable agriculture farmers. Goats are a gift that keeps on giving!

Program supporters often inquire about the potential to use the goats for milk and cheese production. But in Borneo, the soils are too poor to provide sufficient nutrients for goat-milk production and the majority of the population is lactose-intolerant, causing a lack of demand. Despite this fact, the organic goat-manure and meat industry is thriving!

The current focus of this program is researching herd health and improving access to vet care for the widows.

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