Our Model

Vision: Healthy planet with healthy people.

Mission: Engage community-led solutions for human health and the health of our planet.

Two Paths Model Diagram Circle

Poverty, Poor Health, Environmental Destruction

Borneo’s lush rain forests – home to some of the world’s last remaining orangutans – are being lost at a rapid rate. Forests regulate air, water, climate, and even disease. When the rain forest suffers, so do we. But for many people, cutting down trees to sell is the only way to afford health care. When we suffer, so does the rain forest.

This reinforcing cycle of poverty, poor health, and environmental destruction is not only felt in Borneo, but is a reality all over the world. Many families are forced to make the impossible choice between short-term survival and long-term well-being, resulting in families that are poorer and sicker, living in polluted places that are losing habitat and biodiversity. And because we all share one planet, their choices impact us all.

Currently employed at our pilot project, ASRI, the Health In Harmony model of using radical listening to find innovative solutions that are a win-win for people and the planet has the potential to scale up around the globe, changing the way we approach environmental conservation and deliver health care. We believe that collectively, communities know the solutions to the problems they and their local environments face, and we see our job as connecting them to the resources they need to implement those solutions.

At ASRI, this has meant providing management capacity, technical and financial support, and an outstanding professional development program that utilizes highly skilled volunteers to participate in training and two-way knowledge sharing.

As we scale up, we recognize that communities, environments and needs will vary and require fresh innovation. We believe our values of radical listening, win-win solutions, respect for all life, and desire to conserve habitat will be applicable everywhere.

*Photo Credit: Darya Minovi