Our Volunteers

“Volunteering with ASRI is the greatest experience I have ever had. I learned about ASRI about 1 year ago, but experiencing it has made me a better person. It is not just about the job you come to do, it is about how to help people. I’ve learned a lot about how to talk with people, step by step and heart to heart and that communication is a process. The staff are all great people, they bring love to medicine and to education. This program is important for our future.”

– Yusep ‘Jo’ Synata, Indonesian ASRI volunteer

Do you want to engage in meaningful globally-minded service work? Volunteering at Project ASRI means investing your time where conservation and community health meet hand-in-hand in Sukadana, Indonesia. Gunung Palung National Park is home to 10% of the world’s remaining wild orangutan population, and is surrounded by 60,000 community members whose lives depend on the rain forest ecosystem.

Starting with just 2 volunteers in 2007, our program has grown exponentially with over 200 volunteers sent to ASRI to date. Our volunteers’ specialties are diverse; ranging from physicians, nurses, medical students, architects, and engineers to organic farmers, restoration biologists, and animal husbandry specialists. Yet they are all connected by the belief and understanding that human health and environmental health are inextricably linked. Our volunteers are dedicated to cultivating a healthy planet.

“I loved the team-building atmosphere at ASRI, where everyone feels important. I was welcomed with open arms by the staff. My time on-site was productive and I felt utilized. I hope to come back in the future.”

– Carolynn Fitterer, veterinary student


Video by Jasper Feinberg, ASRI Volunteer in Summer 2014

It is because of our dedicated supporters with the incredible program staff, that have made Health In Harmony’s Project ASRI a success. Without our volunteer’s ingenuity, who would be at ASRI to create and launch our ASRI Kids program? We truly could not do it without them. Every volunteer is a gift and an inspiration.

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Have you seen our Blog and Press page? Volunteers often contribute stories from their experiences on the blog, be sure to read and keep up with updates from ASRI!

“Volunteering at ASRI was a great experience with real human to human connections. The ASRI staff spends time with each patient, practicing evidence based medicine. This is often due to lack of specialized equipment but it made me re-think how we are accustomed to approaching medicine back home.  I also value the general feeling of community. There are many team members with various backgrounds all working towards a common goal. Morning meeting symbolizes that. The world needs a manual how to replicate this. Other NGO’s are not nearly as effective.”

– Jeanne Noble, physician and medical volunteer