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Our Volunteers

Volunteering at Project ASRI means changing the face of global health. It means investing your time where conservation and community health meet hand-in-hand in Sukadana, Indonesia. There, 10% of the world’s remaining orangutan population yet thrives in one of the most diverse rainforests in the world; and 60,000 community members join in an effort to improve their livelihoods and save the Gunung Palung National Park and rainforest. Health In Harmony makes this possible by providing accessible, affordable healthcare and livelihoods through Project ASRI.

To date, Health In Harmony has inspired and sent over 100 volunteers to ASRI where physicians, nurses, animal husbandry specialists, restoration biologists, medical students, architects, engineers, and organic farmers work all together. Every one deeply believes that human health and environmental health are inextricably linked. It is the efforts of these dedicated supporters coupled with the amazing program staff, that have made Health In Harmony’s Project ASRI a success. We truly could not do it without them.

With deepest gratitude, Heath In Harmony acknowledges those dedicated volunteers who have stepped far out of their comfort zone to give willingly of their time, treasure and talent to Project ASRI. Every volunteer is a gift and an inspiration.

Below is a running list of volunteers that have helped on-site since Project ASRI began in 2007. (Please note – some volunteers have requested to remain anonymous.)

ASRI Volunteers since project implementation in 2007:

2007 – 3 volunteers: Esme Cullen, Theresa Watts
2008 – 25 volunteers: Dave Adams, Joan Cockerill, Esme Cullen, Karl Dietrich, Mei Elansary, Christina Fitch, Danny Gerber, Karin Gunther, Julia Kiehlbauch, Paul Kramer, Amy Kravitz, Cayley Martin Lanctot, Laurel and Peter Mayland, Rob McGlynn, Denice Tai, Chris and Claire Todd, Melinda Turner, Elizabeth Valitchka.
2009 – 16 volunteers: Judy Bliss, Clancy Broxton, Sarun Charumilind, Jane Huff, Alison Lee, Diego Lopez de Castilla, Andrew MacDonald, Kari Malen, Alison Norris, Yvonne Pang, Marwa Shoeb, Audrey Shuetz, Charles Wang.
2010 – 26 volunteers: David Allen, Elizabeth Bast, Jennifer Blair, Margaret Chin, Roberto Cipriano, Jessica Crawford, Camia Crawford, Amanda De la Paz, Christopher Dimock, Ashti Doobay-Persaud, Stephanie Foe, Robert (Bob) Keickhefer, Kari Malen, Cynthia Ong, Rebecca Sananes-Wortman, Jeremy Sussman, Lauren Tobias, Rhidaya (Rhiya) Trivedi, Tim Treuer, Ann Tseng, James (Jimmy) and Jacquelyn Wallace, Brooks Walsh, Kathleen White, Nancy Wildman.
2011 – 36 volunteers: Andreas, Brent and Regina Beidler, Darin and Jennifer Bell, Loren Bell, Jenny Blair, Karen Brown, Helen Brunt, Brooke Cotter, Roberto Cipriano, Karen Dahl, Mei Elansary, Danny Gerber, Aghia Gunawan, Amy Hurrell, ‘Asti’ Catharina Indirastuti, David Karam, Bob Kieckhefer, John Kugler, Thomas Lazzarini, Kari Malen, Sachi Oshima, Noah and Tessa Peart, Adetania Pramanik, Patrick Ryan, Putri Timur, Tim Treuer, Irine Vodkin, Ewen Wang and daughters Ana Sofia Amieva-Wang & Lucia Amieva-Wang, Kathleen White, Chris Woerner, Rashele Yarborough.
2012 – 33 volunteers: Deepa Agashe, Daniel Albert, Diane Dakin, Holly Eaton, Christina Fitch, Alan Gianotti, Thomas Lazzarini, Kelly Murphy, Terry O’Connor, Alexandra Ristow, Patrick Ryan, Alla Smith, Manu Uberoi, Ewen Wang and daughters Ana Sofia Amieva-Wang & Lucia Amieva-Wang, James Heintz, Lucy Wai Yee Loong, Rima Ayusinta, Aaliya Yaqub, Bethany Kois, Chris Woerner, Peter Mayland, Kari Malen, Loren Bell, Ryoko Yamaguchi, Elyssa Berg, Charles Rouse, Katie Homes, Adeel Chaudhry, Julia Paltseva, Faizan Arshad
2013 – 52 volunteers: Daniel Ebbs, Rei Kesolei, Erica Pohnan, Jason Warren, Joanalia Warren, Jim Young, Lauri Young, Sisca Wiguno, Ilana Richman, Suzanne Atteberry, Nathan Atteberry, Efrina Paramitha, Michelle Bussard, Mike Burke, Kari Malen, Loren Bell, Julia Paltseva, Julia Lubsen, Camia Dimock, Chris Dimock, Gordon Wheat, Stefan Wheat, Mitchell Edgar, Ewen Wang and daughters Ana Sophia Amieva-Wang & Lucia Amieva-Wang, Patrick Ryan, Aliendheasja Fawilia, John Parker Evans, Shaun Cole, Jeanne Noble, Tom Konner, Holly Eaton, Matt Roi, Nick Aloisio, Jesse Turner, Sisca Wiguno, Josh Fleming, George and Shannon Hulley, Karen Ruby Brown and her children Sophia and Jaelin, Mary Pope, Anto Purwanto, Mindy Clarke, Chris Woerner, Jeff Wyatt, Andrew Winterborn, David Wilson, Anne Chipman, Kai Swenson
2014 – 31 volunteers as of July 2014: Austin Weiss, Meghana Gadgil, Andrew MacDonald, Patrick Ryan, Anna Arroyo, Ruchit Shah, Jesse Turner, Trina Jones, Yusep Synata, Kelsey Hartman, Mike Burke, Loren Bell, Michelle Bussard, Kari Malen, Krista Farey, Debby Sarita, Ewen Wang, Ana Sofia and Lucia Amieva-Wang, Patricia Billette, Thomas Lever, Carolynn Fitterrer, Darin Collins, Holly Scheider, Jasper and Adrian Feinberg, Adam Miller, Stella Lesmana, Felicia Gunawan, Rosemarie and Charles Carodenuto