Health in Harmony - Saving Forests • Saving Lives

Health in Harmony's vision for attaching care of the person to care of the earth is forward thinking and inspiring.

Dr. Nancy Angoff, Yale University School of Medicine


Photo: Chris Beauchamp

Photo: Chris Beauchamp

Founded in 2005, Health In Harmony works at the intersection of human and environmental health. Focusing on the forests of Borneo (Kalimantan, Indonesia), our efforts serve human health needs while empowering local communities to preserve threatened natural resources.

The vision behind Health In Harmony dates to 1993, when Reed College undergraduate biology major, Kinari Webb, traveled to West Kalimantan, Indonesia to pursue her dream of studying orangutans. There, she both experienced the splendor of the rain forest, and felt the precariousness of villagers’ lives without access to adequate health care, and thus the seeds of the connection between human and ecosystem health were planted. There she also met Cam Webb, a rain forest ecology researcher. Kinari went on to gain a medical degree (with honors) from Yale, and do a Family Medicine residency in California. During the years of Kinari’s training, she and Cam felt increasingly drawn to move to Indonesia full time, to find a way to use her medical skills and his knowledge of the forest in the service of forest conservation.  In 2005, Kinari founded Health in Harmony, and in 2007 they returned to Sukadana, where Kinari and Dr. Hotlin Ompusunggu established ASRI, which from the beginning has interconnected human health care and forest care. Throughout ASRI’s growth, Cam has contributed to the leadership of its conservation programs.

Today, Health In Harmony supports the work of Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI), our Indonesian partner organization in West Kalimantan, by raising funds, sending volunteer experts, and telling the story of this unique work. Soon, we plan to scale up our model by expanding to other sites in Indonesia and beyond, to address the needs of both biodiversity and human wellbeing. Health In Harmony is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and currently employs eight staff members.

In 2008, Health In Harmony received the Mongabay “Innovation in Conservation Award.” In 2014, Health In Harmony was nominated for the Classy Awards; in the same year, Dr. Kinari Webb was awarded the Ashoka Social Entrepreneur Fellowship and was also selected as Rainer Arnhold Fellow (through the Mulago Foundation). Our work has been featured by NPR, Huffington Post Live, Voice Of America, and Sierra Magazine, among others; we partner with a variety of government groups and international foundations.