Health in Harmony - Saving Forests • Saving Lives

Health in Harmony's vision for attaching care of the person to care of the earth is forward thinking and inspiring.

Dr. Nancy Angoff, Yale University School of Medicine


Photo: Erick Danzer

The vision for Health In Harmony began in 1993, when undergraduate biology major Kinari Webb traveled to West Kalimantan, Indonesia to pursue a dream of studying orangutans. While in the rain forests of Gunung Palung National Park, she recognized that there existed a direct link between the environmental destruction wrought by illegal logging, the desperate state of human health in the communities around the park, and the impact of rain forest loss on health worldwide.

Thirteen years later, Dr. Kinari Webb returned to the Gunung Palung communities to turn her long-held vision — a comprehensive program that would both serve human health needs and preserve natural resources — into reality.