Health in Harmony - Saving Forests • Saving Lives


About Health In Harmony

Too many families in the developing world face a tragic Catch-22: the only option for life-saving income is work that destroys the natural environment on which health depends. Their question: “Save our children, or save our forests?” Our question: “How can we do both?” Through years of research and execution, we have arrived at a surprisingly simple answer…affordable healthcare.

Mission & History

Health In Harmony's mission is to foster innovative solutions to the crisis of human disease and environmental destruction facing our planet.


Our Volunteers

Volunteering at Project ASRI means changing the face of global health. It means investing your time where conservation and community health meet hand-in-hand in Sukadana, Indonesia. We are so grateful for each of the 100+ volunteers we have sent to ASRI!



Our work is made possible by support from a broad range of foundations, organizations, and individual funders across the globe. We are grateful for this support!