Mobile Clinic_Bryan Watt

Mobile Clinic

In West Kalimantan, isolated and remote villages struggle to access health care facilities and must often travel several hours through harsh terrain to reach a hospital. ASRI responded by creating a mobile clinic that provides basic care to… Read More

Hospital vs. Clinic

Side-by-Side: Hospital vs. Clinic

We’re sure you’ve noticed that lately, we’ve been talking a lot about building ASRI’s Community Hospital and Training Center. What’s so great about this hospital, you ask? Well, I’ve created a side-by-side comparison for you, so you know exactly why this… Read More

Midwifery talks- practice session. Photo courtesy of Diane Dakin, 2012

Photo Gallery: Midwife Conference and Clinic Life with Dr. Diane Dakin

All photos by family doctor Diane Dakin, a volunteer with Health In Harmony at ASRI. Click on any photo to see slideshow (you may need to wait a moment for photos to load).

Ron, Vina ? and Nur

Keep ASRI’s Doctors in School

In Indonesia, doctors must pay to complete their medical residency, creating a wide gap between those who can afford specialized training and those who cannot. Not only is this an inequitable system, but it means that rural areas… Read More

You Can Help Save Lives In Indonesia

You Can Help Save Lives Through Health Care in Indonesia

A fundamental part of Health In Harmony’s mission is to improve the health of the people we serve. By building the Community Hospital and Training Centerin rural West Borneo, Indonesia, our organization, in partnership with ASRI, is able… Read More


Photos from the field: Journey to Borneo

Over the past two weeks, a group of nine Health In Harmony supporters have been traveling around Sukadana in West Kalimantan, where our partner ASRI operates. On this trip, they’ve had the opportunity to meet members of the… Read More


Research Rundown: Listening for Answers

We’re back with another edition of Research Rundown! This month, Health In Harmony Research Director, Bethany Kois, interviewed Herfina Nababan, a volunteer who recently returned to ASRI after seven years to conduct 71 in-person interviews with members of the… Read More

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Anne Blackwood-Chirchir, MD

Innovators BioPharma Consulting, LLC “I joined the board of HIH because HIH provides an integrated approach to meeting needs relevant to both human and environmental health.  While my clinical and drug development work have focused on individuals and… Read More

Jessie Kittle-April 2016-Jessie with goat

A Lesson In Humility

Guest blog by Jessie Kittle Seven years of advanced and expensive training in the US has prepared me to be an attending in a few months. Particularly in my practice setting, expensive and complex interventions are the norm and… Read More


Cargo Inc: Supporting Small Businesses Across Continents

Last August, Cargo Inc, located just blocks from our office in SE Portland, invited us to participate in an art show in their beautiful brick warehouse. The shop is mesmerizing, expertly decorated with trinkets from all over the world… Read More

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Volunteer Voice: Jeff Wyatt

The final post in our Volunteer Appreciation Month series! An interview with Jeff Wyatt, who has been a donor, volunteer, and Board Member at Health In Harmony – someone that we are so thankful to have in this organization…. Read More


Volunteer Voice: Alex Domingo

Guest blog by Alex Domingo The second reflection in our Volunteer Appreciation Month series! Stay tuned for a new post from volunteers each week in April.


Volunteer Voice: Kenny Morford

Guest blog by Kenny Morford Have we told you how awesome our volunteers are? In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, we are dedicating April to recognizing the contributions of these amazing individuals who travel from all over the… Read More

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Turn Debt into Forest

Thank you! Your gift will save lives and protect a rain forest. By purchasing seedlings from the clinic, you are covering the cost of a patient’s medical bill AND the cost of planting and maintaining the seedling at the… Read More

Seedlings black wrap 2

Thank you for buying seedlings!

Patients barter seedlings at the ASRI clinic to pay their medical bills. By buying these seedlings from the clinic for the reforestation program, you are ensuring the clinic can stay open as well as planting, watering and maintaining… Read More

FGseed bag

Turning Debt Into Forests

I remember the first time I ever saw a patient pay for medical care with tree seedlings at the ASRI Clinic. Pak Hamsu, a patient from the village of Laman Satong where our main reforestation site is located,… Read More


Travel Journal #22: Kalimantan at Imbolc

Guest blog by Dr. Krista Farey Imbolc this week, the half way point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox observed by Celts, like me, though I’m not aware of anyone else celebrating Imbolc here.  The big… Read More

Volunteer FAQ

Thank you for your interest in joining Health In Harmony in supporting the work of Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI) in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Below are some answers to questions that are frequently asked by prospective volunteers: We have… Read More

Other Ways To Help_Chelsea Call

Other Ways to Give

Waterfall in Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.


ASRI facilitates a variety of programs that engage community members in alternative livelihoods that are sustainable and safe. When ASRI was founded, one of the first things the community asked for was training in sustainable farming as an… Read More